I have been in law enforcement for the past 20 years but have been in public service before that, I received the opportunity to work for the Shoalwater Bay Police Department as a Patrol Officer. I started June 25, 1999. I was responsible for enforcing all Tribal laws on the Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation. We worked with the community to identify issues and worked on solutions. I attended the police academy in Artesia, NM at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. I was there for just over 14 weeks. At the end of the training session, I graduated at the top of my class. I can't thank the Tribe enough for the training and experience I received.

To further my career and get more experience, I left the Tribe on April 15, 2004. I was hired on April 21, 2004 by the Pacific County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff. My duties were to enforce all laws in Pacific County. I continued building my experience and training for the next 6 years. I worked in both North and South Pacific County. I enjoyed working with a larger community. I had several ideas to help the department grow but the administration at that time was not real interested. I received the opportunity to go back to the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe as their Chief of Police on September 7, 2010. I have been in this position for the last 8 years. We have come a long ways in the last 8 years. I’m responsible for 3 Officers and 1 Lieutenant. We work together with a team approach. We want buy-in and ownership of the department from all officers and the community. Our department is fiscally responsible and we use available funding to accomplish goals and to better serve the community.

I have attended several courses to include a leadership academy and first level supervision. I’m a trained firearms instructor and motorcycle instructor. I have remained the lead firearms instructor for the Shoalwater Bay Police Department, Pacific County Sheriff's Office, South Bend Police Department and Raymond Police Department for several years. The purpose is to work together and train together. I have the knowledge and experience that I have acquired in the past 20 years. I belong to the Washington State Sheriffs and Police Chief’s Association. I have had the opportunity to work for different supervisors and was able to see examples of excellent leaders and then managers. When I started 8 years ago as the Chief of Police, the department was in a single wide trailer. We have grown into a professional department. We are located in our Tribal Center and all officers are trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

All officers must pass the Washington State Equivalency Academy. All officers are cross commissioned with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office and all officers have Washington State Peace Officer Certifications to be able to act as Washington State Officers. We now have a successful police department. We have strengthened relationships with our neighboring jurisdictions. We have citizens from outside our Tribal Community that have stated that they wished we could be their law enforcement. This is one of the greatest honors a police department could ask for. I can't wait for the chance to see what we can do with the Pacific County Sheriff's Office!!!!

My Experience

    20 years of law enforcement and public service.

    Shoalwater Bay Police Department Patrol Officer.

    Pacific County Deputy Sheriff.

    Shoalwater Bay Police Department Chief.

My Personal Activities

I enjoy several activities. I'm an amateur radio operator N7RKS. I enjoy using ham radio to help the community to be prepared in the event of a disaster. I volunteer for RACES/ARES of Pacific County as their AEC Community Comms.

I enjoy riding motorcycles in my spare time. I'm a motorcycle instructor. I enjoy seeing students come to class not knowing anything about a motorcycle and by the end of the course, they are operating a motorcycle with a large smile on their face. It's another way that I can give back to the community.