Latest Endorsements

Matthew Padgett

This probably comes as no surprise (given he is my best friend, current Police Chief and brother in law) but I endorse Robin Souvenir for Pacific County Sheriff, for reasons beyond our personal relationship that I will elaborate on below. I encourage everyone, please, consider the following. Democrat or Republican, a County Sheriff needs to understand the importance of nonpartisanship in Law Enforcement. The office of Sheriff should be nonpartisan as laws should be enforced consistent with current court rulings not personally held beliefs. No matter if you lean left, lean right hold firmly far right or hold firmly far left, Robin is your candidate. Leadership in Law Enforcement isn’t about likability or a willingness to make sacrifices, any police officer that has been around long enough possesses those qualities when need be. Leadership is about strength of character, honesty, integrity, the ability to listen to critics and understand their perspective, inspire people to want to follow you and not force them to, and the desire to be a positive voice in the most negative of times. Robin is someone that I have had the privilege to know for most of my life. To me he is still the long haired, guitar playing, ripped jeans wearing, motorcycle riding “cool guy” that came into my life all those years ago. The side of Robin people don’t always get to see the is the guy that spent nearly every weekend of his late teens and early 20’s hanging out with a pair of little brats because he knew they needed a role model, the man that was willing to drive from Bay Center to Aberdeen to look for a hat that his girlfriend’s 10 year old brother “may or may not have” left in a restaurant, the man that let me grind his transmission to powder teaching me to drive, the man that mows the church lawn in the heat of summer so nobody else has to, the man that inspires everyone under his leadership to always make a positive impact on the citizens they serve and the leader that has let me fail enough to make sure I learned from it but never allowed me to fail enough to suffer or allow anyone else to suffer because of it. It’s easy to run as a candidate when you have no history in a leadership role, just throw out some clichés, squint meaningfully into a camera and smile and wave; that isn’t Robin. Robin has changed the culture of a misguided agency before and he is more than capable of doing it again. Robin will never blame a budget for a lack of resources. He will do whatever needs to be done to make sure the people are satisfied and rather than make demands or simply state what will be cut he will provide evidence that the resources available to him are being used to their full potential and make you want to give him more. Robin will never tell you how hard he works, he will show you how hard he works and expect the same from every single person in his agency. Robin won’t make excuses about why something can’t be done, he will find a way to do it. Robin won’t try and guilt you into your support, he understands that voting for a candidate is not the same as voting against the others. He wants you to vote for him, not just vote against his political opponents. Robin will always give you an honest answer in an intelligent, non-demeaning way. Avoiding confrontation by being dishonest is far more damaging than any well intended and constructive confrontation. Robin isn’t running for this office for personal gain, the title, the accolades, the money or the benefits. He is running for this office because there is an opportunity to provide solid leadership to an agency that desperately needs it and inspire the current staff to be more for their community and provide consistent law enforcement services to the County. 8 years ago Robin didn’t just promise me a better agency and quickly turn to collecting a paycheck and medical insurance on the backs of the taxpayers, he has worked tirelessly to give me a better place to work and set me up to have a successful future in whatever endeavor I may choose. Robin has proven his abilities as a leader, he has shown his willingness to sacrifice and he has inspired a generation of law enforcement that have now spread to all areas of this state. I encourage everyone to ask him the hard questions, if you like his answers, please, elect him to be our next Sheriff and demand he hold true to his campaign promises. One thing I know for a fact is that Robin possesses the skill set and desire to bring his style of success to the entire county. Please reach out to him at or Robin Souvenir Thank you, Matt And let’s elect Robin Souvenir, Independent, as the next Pacific County Sheriff!

Luke Stigall

Honorable. Respectful. Trustworthy. Intelligent. Leader. Dedicated. These are the words that come to mind when I hear the name, Robin Souvenir. I have had the privilege of working with Robin in several different capacities throughout the past eleven years, my confidence in Robin’s ability to LEAD an agency to success is unwavering. I had the privilege of working for Robin during my employment at the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Police Department. As my Chief at the time, Robin showed genuine interest in my personal Law Enforcement career goals, and helped me to achieve them. Robin always inspired me to do my best. Robin holds people accountable for their actions in a constructive way that makes it easy to learn from both the bad and good decisions we make. Robin always welcomed and encouraged discussion about department topics with everyone in an effort to continue successfully developing the department. Robin makes you feel like you are a part of a team, and in law enforcement we are a team. We are a team of fellow officers, we are a team of public servants, and most importantly, we are a team with our communities. I believe Leadership is not something that can be taught. The ability to LEAD is something you either have or you do not have. A true LEADER is person people WANT to follow. I look forward to seeing the positive results Robin Souvenir can achieve as the LEADER of this Pacific County Team! Lucas Stigall

Sarah Boggs

Hello, I am Officer Sarah Boggs with the Shoalwater Bay Police Department. I want to endorse Robin Souvenir for Sheriff of Pacific County. I have had the pleasure of working for Chief Robin Souvenir for the last three years. I always tell everyone I hit the job Lottery. This is because I have the honor of serving under the best leader I’ve ever had. Chief Souvenir encourages every officer to become the best they can and more. He encourages change within the department and community for positive changes and a law enforcement/ Community relationship. Chiefs Souvenirs resolve for change for the better is unwavering and contagious. I am beyond proud of Chief Souvenir to make this commitment to all of Pacific County. Taking up this new chapter is another example of his unwavering dedication to this county and all of our citizens, to guide is to a safe and healthy place to live and grow. I encourage everyone to vote for Robin Souvenir, Pacific County Sheriff. Robin Souvenir is our chance to see pure positive selfless change for Pacific County. Sincerely, Sarah Boggs.

Michael Hall

I believe it's time for a new generation of policing in Pacific County. The old way has no place in this new era. Policing must adapt and evolve such as anything that works within a community. "Our Generation" is here and it begins with electing Robin Souvenir!

Michael Hall

Everyone in Pacific County should Vote Robin for Sheriff because he will put local safety above politics; rebuild trust between the Sheriff’s Department and the community which he and his family have been a part of all their life. He will also embrace 21st century strategies to make Pacific County safer for everyone. #souvenir4sheriff

Jeremy Perry

Once upon a time when law enforcement jobs were very few and far between, I contacted Robin Souvenir because I found his agency was hiring. I made a three and a half hour drive and found myself knocking on a semi trailer that was actually off of a dirt road from a highway I never knew existed so I could do a ride along. It was that day I discovered a semi truck trailer can also be an office. Needless to say as someone wanting to get into the job to chase down bank robbers and the like, I was a little put off by the area's extremely small resident population, the idea of being hours away from where I grew up with friends and family, and not a pizza business for miles that delivered past 9pm. But the one thing about the agency that kept me interested was Robin. He told me how he just started with the agency and what his plans were for it: he wanted the officers to get good training and guidance, to have a focus and involvement with the community, to update the department technology and equipment, and to rebuild quality relationships with the surrounding agencies. It wasn't long into my three and a half hour drive back home that I knew I should apply. A few months later I was working for Robin full time, and it was clear very quickly that Robin was not only actively pursuing all of the goals he told me about, but he was already meeting those goals and making new ones. None of it was lip service, he had meant everything he said. Recently my family and I took a trip down to Pacific County to visit friends. I knew Robin was running for Sheriff. Even after leaving to an agency closer to home and family, an agency where I have a lot going for me, the temptation of returning to the area and working for Robin was still there. Robin was more than just my boss when I worked for him. He was a coach, a mentor, a leader and a friend. To this day his influence and guidance is at the core of how I do my job. I whole heartedly encourage everyone in Pacific County to take a hard look at the candidates before them for Sheriff. Robin has tangible results for what he has accomplished over the years. I've never met a law enforcement officer or a citizen in the area that had something negative to say about him or the job he has done. I whole heartedly endorse Robin Souvenir for Pacific County Sheriff.